Appellate Practice

Appellate law is highly specialized work, requiring a skill set different from that of even the most experienced trial litigator. The critical assessment of a potential appeal or appellate writ, or the defense of an appeal or writ, requires the experience and expert knowledge of attorneys with experience working on appeals.

Most often the Firm is defending on appeal a successful result obtained by its litigators. But occasionally clients need to make the hard call of whether to appeal an adverse decision. Indeed, the most difficult decision is often whether to appeal at all. Givens Law Firm provides frank evaluation of this issue, applying experience about the context of the ruling, the various standards of appellate review and the likely response the appeal will receive in court. The attorneys’ extensive history with appeals enables them to develop arguments and themes to get beyond cold legal analysis and gain an advantage on the issues that matter most.

The combined backgrounds and working relationship among our attorneys provide clients with high quality appellate service and direction in the inevitable situations where appeals are defended or considered.