Product Liability

Givens Law Firm understands that matters involving products liability defense are complex and challenging.  A necessary part of our case preparation involves early and aggressive research regarding the underlying facts of the incident and of the product in question: inspections, industry standards, state or federal regulations that may have pertained to you and your product or service, the possibility that clearly posted label warnings were not followed, and any abuse or misuse of the product that may have taken place. It is imperative that counsel meet with the client at its manufacturing/design facility at the beginning of the litigation to acquire the necessary information to formulate the agreed upon defense in order to protect the integrity of the product and its design.

We unearth and examine medical records and scrutinize any connections between the injury and the incident that allegedly caused the injury. We also look into the prospect that another hazard may have contributed to the accident, which might open up other sources of liability and shift or direct culpability to where it belongs.